While the electronic age has benefited us in many ways, there are some instances in which it has presented a serious drawback. For one thing, people are fed a lot of misinformation on any number of topics. All of a sudden, everyone is an expert at installing vanity cabinets even though they have read ten different methods online. And of course there is the continuing destruction of the English language thanks to speedy shortcuts.

But none of the effects of internet usage may be more harmful to the individual in the long run than the total disregard that people now use when it comes to committing to something in writing. Every day, people sign up for activities over the Internet without really reading what they are signing up for. It's like living in a loop calibrator; you get a new software package, scroll down to the agree button, and then click it. Do you really have any idea what you just agreed to? Probably not!

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This approach is bad enough on the Internet, although there is a chance that an electronic check mark will not have the same impact in court as a signature. Then again, it might not. The big problem, though, is that people are starting to take this cavalier attitude, this strange trust in the honesty of anyone who wants to sell you used woodworking machines, into real life. That's right, people are skimming contracts or worse not reading them at all, in an effort to make the whole process a little bit shorter.

Well, this is a mistake for almost any type of contract that you sign. Companies have long since learned how to make fine print work against a consumer, usually by absolving themselves of any kind of responsibility should the product that they are pedalling turn out to be below performance quality. They do so by making the contract as dry, boring, and full of meaningless terms as possible. Acronyms such as oaa are often used just to make things a little bit more complicated. The end result? A person really just doesn't know what they agreed to.

The best way to overcome this, of course, is to actually read the contract for yourself. In fact, outside of hiring your own contract lawyer, it is really the only way to deal with any kind of contract. If ploughing through all that boring writing seems too much for you, just remember if you don't, you could get badly burned.

Use this mentality whenever you are about to sign a contract of any kind, from an electronic agreement about getting cash for scrap gold or a lease agreement on your car. Read the whole thing, and you will be ahead of the game and wiser than many other people out there.
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